Takeshi Furuya




Takeshi versteht es den Augenblick zum Ereignis zu verstärken. Ohne sich aufzudrängen, bescheiden, jedoch kraftvoll und in umfassenden Bildern, zeigt er das Ganze und das Gegenwärtige gleichermaßen.

Ein Atemzug Stille...

Der Moment, gefasst in der Bewegung eines Fußes.

Form und Verzerrung, fließende Bewegung und farbige Auflösung.

 Text: Michael Aldrian

Wo Schmerz mit Hoffnung kommuniziert,

fügen Takeshi`s Fotos der Handlung Linien hinzu;

ausgedehnte Farbstreifen.

Text: Ruud Van Weerdenburg


The documentation from Takeshi Furuya are made from realistic but also artificial viewpoint of the cultural performances.
On the one hand the pictures are rich of colour and sharpeness; on the other hand their are corrected in the capturing from moving scenes, as in Performances, dances or sport.His images documenting not only, they are shown persons ore objects in another triangle, this over 45°,this means he can see over the camera above, he is feeling with his camera.
Text: HemmaPototschnig



Bio/CV english
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Biography :

Japanese Visual-Artist Takeshi Furuya's works take on multiple styles such as

the digital painting by Video/Photograph’s material, Visual-Screening, Installations, Performances. 
He composes the digital generated images like a painting which inspired by the aesthetics of "decadence” frequencies and adapted the digital errors as Glitch Art.

These works were exposed on many Galleries, Museums, Fil,m Festivals and Art –fairs.
It's also represented about the paradigm-shift from the binomial
theorem to the meta-dualism philosophy in the  21st century.  It also represents the error of  systems on Capitalism.
His artwork of the digital paintings are made by just one flame which  extracted from the video sequences.
In case of video-work, it's made by the light drawing. He produces a eternal moment of the light and life in vividly by unique and experimental way.

1978 Born in JAPAN  2007 Moved to Berlin 2010 Moved to Graz.

2001 Guraduated Tokyo Meisei University  Studied Cultural Human Science and History of  Art.The Thesis theme " The Philosophy of  Minimalism”


„Rhapsody in Philosophy“ VIDEONOMAD @ Dakart, Biennnale  Senegal.2013

„Havana Dreamin’ “ „Caress by Lights “ Videoholica International VideoArt Festival @ Varna Bulgaria

„Na(u)ked Lights“ International Art Expo, Liquid Borders  @ Bari  Italy

„Na(u)ked Lights“ Camagüey International Video-Art Festival @  Camagüey  Cuba

„Na(u)ked Lights“ on GESAMT Project by Lars Von Trier  inGöteborg International Film Festival @  Gothenburg  Sweden


„Na(u)ked Lights“ on GESAMT Project by Lars Von Trier  in Festival Tous Ecrans @ Geneva Switzerland

„Na(u)ked Lights“ on GESAMT Project by Lars Von Trier  in Copenhagen Art Festival @ Kunsthal Charlottenborg , Denmark

„Red shoes 2.0“ Project for Fukushima @ foton gallery Graz Austria

„Na(u)ked Lights“ Videoholica International Video Art Festival 2012  @ Varna Bulgaria


"silent_noises#"  " SENTIERI DI PENSIERI " @ Italienisches Kulturinstitut Wien

"silent_noises#"Portas Abertas  Open Doors@Fórum Eugénio de Almeida, Évora Portugal

„Na(u)ked Lights“ Camagüey International Video-Art Festival @  Camagüey  Cuba


„Na(u)ked Lights – Dear SV -“ solo exhibition @ foton gallery Graz Austria   

”ART EXPO VENEZIA” International Compemporary Art Exhbiton @StudioArte Carapostol, Venice Italy

“Seconda Rassegna di Arte Contemporanea Treviso2012” @Treviso Italy
”WE ! NOW ! HERE ! ” Audio and Visual Festival @Montagnana Italy
”New Generations” InternaVonal Compemporary Art Exhbition @ Lonigo Italy

"Documentation of synergie" SYNERGIE @Gallery DA LOAM , Graz Austria
"silent_noises#2010" Art Fair in Basel Art-ZEN @Gallery Blumeninsel, Basel Switzerland
"mobility_noises#2011" Mobility ART @Gallery Meeting Point , Graz

"silent_noises#2009" Baseler Kunst Tage @ Ecke Claragraben, Basel Switzerland

"silent_noises#2010"Seduzione del segno@Percorsi/Arte Contemporanea, Rimini Italy
"silent_noises#2009" Art Köln Japan2010@AltesPfandhaus, Köln Germany
"silent_noises#2009" TechnologicalSingularity@PlanetArt, Amsterdam Holland
"silent_noises#2009" Japanese Young Artist@Gallery-DEN, Berlin Germany
"silent_noises#2009" Photography Exhibition@Gallery Konoetzmann, Frunkfurt Germany
"silent_noises#2010" Selected works for Basel@Gallery Blumeninsel, Basel Switzerland
"silent_noises#2009" BerlinArtShow20009@Kindle-Brewery, Berlin Germany
"silent_noises#2009 in Berlin X'mas " Collaborated with FasionDesigner  @Maisol, Berlin Germany

Visual Performances:


"Transition vol.4" Live Screening @ Studio Ki Graz Austria

"Transition vol.5" Live Screening @ Schlossberg Platz Graz Austria
"Transition vol.1" Live Screening with dancer and bass player @ Studio-Flitz Graz Austria
"Transition vol.2" Live Screening with dancer and bass player @ Studio-Flitz Graz Austria
”Silent_Opera vol.1" Live Screening Postgarage Graz Austria
"Transition vol.3" Live Screening @ St.Andrä-Kirche Graz Austria

”Silent_Opera vol.2” Visual Screening  Graz Austria
Visual Screening & Documentation " Pikadon-Berlin 2007 " @ElisabethKirche Berlin Japan
Visual Design on LED DisplayAdidas SS FashionShow "BlueBox" @ShibuyaBoxx, Tokyo Japan
"Grid Mind two"@ShibuyaBoxx, Tokyo Japan
Visual Design "Grid Mind one with NoaKenji"@ShibuyaBoxx, Tokyo Japan

2011   Visual Photo Book ”Transition" published by transition project Graz  

2010   Catalogue "Art Basel Japan" published by Gallary-DEN Berlin Germany

2005   DVD "GridMind" published by GriGra, Tokyo Japan